Cochon 555 in Los Angeles

Cochon 555. I was there to sell Heather Shouse’s Food Trucks book. Note: We are hosting a signing at GR2 TONITE from 6-9pm with food trucks including Kogi, Mandoline, and La Isla Bonita (a real OG truck). The bacon above was candied, and well cooked so you were eating the yin and yang of salt and sweet, or is it sweet and salt. How can you miss with bacon like that? I started off serious, trying to move books, but in the end, I got high on the supply… of pork. Tons of it from different chefs who included Octavio Becerra from Palate Food + Wine, Chad Colby from Mozza, Tom Goodell from Public Kitchen, Ben Ford from Ford’s Filling Station, and Joshua Whigham from The Bazaar. The event travels and the LA edition took place in downtown. At $125 a ticket for a all you can eat and drink (wine and beer and one soft drink brand), it’s actually a steal since if you’re VIP, you get in at 3:30 and the event ends at 7:30. That’s 4 hours of feasting on non stop meats prepared in so many ways, it’s hard to fathom.

Before I get any further it’s only fair to show you what I was eating in a purer form. That’s yet another cousin, Erica Nakamura. She can handle a blade like Bill The Butcher.

On the table, just bacon. It was oily and tasty. I ate my fair share while shooting pics. My mouth became a shriveled shell of itself thanks to the sodium intake.

These were a mix of pork and dates. Quite great. I think of all things in the place, this might have been the most addicting.

After the butchering is the cooking. This was impressive and tasty. Of course with so many parts, you get different flavors and textures with each small serving. At the end, this was the special. It came out and people flocked to it.

Appetizers included these. Yes, I had about 8. There were more oysters than people could handle. Non stop shucking.

With chocolate. Who does this? It was also tasty.

Coils of sausage. Paradise.

That’s Cochon founder, Brady Lowe and Heather Shouse. Brady MC’d the event.

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