Pedal Pusher

Hi.  As my first blog post for Giant Robot, I thought it’d be fun to share an audio clip of something different from what I usually do as “Goh Nakamura: Sensitive Singer Songwriter dude w. Acoustic Guitar”

Here’s a little ditty that I came up while experimenting with some effect pedals… was trying to make an audio painting of a lonely robot floating aimlessly in space.

Effect Pedals are sort of like drugs for your guitar. I don’t do drugs, but can sort of live vicariously through my guitar by plugging it into a series of strange pedals and riding the snake.

Here’s your Guitar

Here’s your Guitar on Drugs

(2nd clip filmed at GRNY right before it closed. Gary Wang on bass)

I learned it from watching you, dad. I learned it from watching YOU!

Edit: Here’s a pic of the pedals I used for the audio example, and the 2nd video (at GRNY)