Giant Robot SF – Last Day

GRSF is now closed. I sent out twitter messages with photos throughout the day and it was a beautiful one in the Bay area. It went by fast. I have to thank all involved. You know who you are! Above: That’s a hardcore Uglydoll customer with a skate deck that he just purchased.

Kimberly Chun who I met ages ago at APE. She used to make zines and now writes for publications in the bay.

Aaron Ikezawa, a UCLA dude who I met at GRLA many times with his tough friend TJ. He really loves the t-shirt he’s wearing. The Off is a bar near his area.

Mark and Jing. It was nice to see them again.

The last customer. Elliot Loh. It’s not who is first. Sometimes, it’s who is last.

Don’t be sad!