Japan Technology and Faith in Science?

I just read an article and it’s not a great article about Japan and their faith in science. It brings up points about trust in technology that are now obvious. Yes, buildings fell, sea walls fell, reactors broke down, radiation leaked, and yes, the only thing that hasn’t happened is Godzilla coming out of the radiated water to destroy what’s left. But rebuilding. What’s going to happen? Will Japan rebuild in the same spots only to have another tsunami come through? It’s inevitable. Whether it’s in our lifetime or in many more lifetimes, another giant earthquake will happen (not the “typical 7.0 but a 9) and a giant tsunami (50+ footers) will happen. So the reactors? Will they get rebuilt? Will they get shut down? You’d hope that the future can be a mix of some technology and some backwards living for everyone. Ideally, we can live without nuclear power. What if there was a certain amount of power households are able to use a day? Maybe it’s from solar, or yet another source, but friends and I have said, it would be nice to Japan to create an example of some forward thinking. Will it happen? Probably not, but a small chance has opened up.

Trust in science? Sure, but stupidity and science? Maybe not. The old adage of: just because you can doesn’t mean you should, comes into play.

The article.