11 Kobe Bryant Commercials – Smart Car China

Kobe Bryant does a commercial for Smart Car China. This is a new one, but I realize that Kobe’s made tons of commercials. So many that I can’t find some of them and so many that I can’t really keep up. If I can’t, then most of your can’t either. Most of you might not care, but for those of you who do, here’s 11 commercials that I like. I’m sure there’s plenty of others from other countries that I haven’t ever seen. I added some comments to each one. 

Art thief in downtown LA. Kobe throws ball, guy falls, and doesn’t ruin the art. This is one of those fun action packed running around CMs. 

Jokey reality based CM that got Kobe into some hot water with Turkish folks. It’s for a Turkish Airlines. It’s placing a dude into weird situations and him failing genre.

Reality based, viral style. It worked for a second.

Old school, this one was fun, since everyone wanted to see exactly what that shoe looked like, and he provided that glimpse. Very secretive, very “I know more than you.”

Another reality based one. Can he really kick that ball that hard? He probably can.

Jumping snakes. Jackass. More viral. 

One of the best and of course controversial since he’s got a gun and it’s a “violent game” but the commercial is fun.

Meditative and sort of in that Kobe Bryant intelligent type of vibe. More Nike!


Intelligence based, but also in that Larry Johnson Grandmama sort of way. So Nike.


Kobe throws up the horns. Guitar Hero.