PBS – Nova’s Japan’s Killer Quake

PBS Nova’s Japan’s Killer Quake – 52minutes aired 3/30/11

At the outset, this one hour special already has footage that most of us haven’t seen. From the moment the quake hits, there’s shots from inside of buildings and cameras outside. The largest recorded earthquake was an 8.4 and some thought it was an error.

The tsunami happens and this documentary shows how they work, from how the plates shift to create them, and of course the footage of what ensues.

They show Miyako in Sendai ready with it’s 30 feet high seawalls, they do drills there, but still in minutes, what can you do?

Then, they touch upon the nuclear threat but it’s left fairly vague since the news is changing daily. And of course it begins to end with talk about a future quake in Japan since the faults are activated, and then finally, what to do if or when it happens here in the US.

UPDATE: It’s now watchable at the pbs page