Japan finds

Famicom. Family computer. You’d think you could find this everywhere, but it’s really not that easy. It’s pretty, red and offwhite and the Japanese carts fit right in. The carts are similar to the NES but it’s not the same. You need a converter, which it turns out is hard to find. There’s so many little hacks for it, but in the end, it’s best just to have the system. I’m playing a game called Super Chinese. It’s pretty fun. I’ll be exploring the rest of the games I picked up in Japan! Some carts are a $1. Some are $25!

The camera strap from Camera People. “Kame P” It’s a small shop in Gakugei Daigaku. I didn’t shoot these pics since shooting my own Camera strap on my camera is tough to shoot. But this is straight from their site. Here’s their links. They even process film and print it. It’s sort of the ultimate camera hobby shop and they even have a small gallery above. The leather straps are my favorite.

While I check out this stuff, I have two cats sitting nearby. Here’s what they do once in a while. Groom each other!

On the flight back from Japan, I shot a pic out of the window of LA. The red dot is literally my house. Below it’s zoomed just a bit. It’s amazing how much you can really make out of a window of a plane.