The plane! Barf.

Forgot to tell you all, esp since I was ragging on airlines not too long ago… yesterday? Anyways, here’s something sort of funny. Plane to Tokyo is about to land. Lower, lower, lower, and as it hits ground, the guy two rows in front of me who’s sitting in an exit row at the front of the cabin, with a steward and stewardess facing him vomit launches on the cheap carpet in front of him. Quickly, the smell wafts backwards. The steward is on his hands and knees cleaning it up. The plane is now taxi-ing to the gate. It’s a bummer. I would have made every effort to put into the pillow case, or even in the blanket that every seat has, but no, this guy let it rip. Soon, they use an air freshener and the smell was gone. I last saw the steward wiping his shoes.