The cat and the horse.

We hope into a tiny restaurant in Ebisu and there’s 4 cats inside. The cat pictured above is 23 years old. It’s the oldest cat I’ve ever seen or maybe heard of. When it walks down the main walkway in this tiny restaurant, it’s meowing, I suppose sort of gaining as much attention as she can, literally defining what a “Catwalk” is all about. This restaurant was quite good, and I wonder if the cat’s been getting fed special food. This wouldn’t happen in LA, or in many other places in America, yet, the food was still good, and seemed quite safe and clean. Things like this make Tokyo, Tokyo.

The cat does look for attention when walking down the aisle. It’s funny to see how people react to the cats.

I love seeing Japanese restaurants do this. They have these bowls of their small veggie dishes out ready to serve.
Definitely not proud of this one: but I ate horse. It ends up being pretty good, but in the end, I’m way over it. What’s the difference between eating horse, cat, a cow or a pig? Nothing. We’re all in the same gang – mammals. But I still won’t eat this again.
Then it’s back to gyoza. This was amazing and who knows what was in it.