Nakamura x3 at Columbia College – Mirai sushi

The Nakamura Trio. I’m Nakamura 1, Tad, 2, and Goh 3. This sounded like a joke, three guys who happen to have the same last name on a panel together, but guess what? It worked. We’re spread across different disciplines in a way that’s perfectly apart, yet similar in worlds that we actually mesh. We can answer the same questions in different ways, with our own experiences. I realize that Goh is all about being real and holding not too much back. I try and do the same. Tad meanwhile has a strong ethnocentric view without being boring – much like his films.

What an interesting poster! I wanted one, and they gave me one, then it disappeared. Hope I can find one, one day. Anyone at Columbia peel one off the wall for me?
About 50 or so came out. ASO Asian Student Organization came out in numbers.
These dudes make cool zines in Chicago. Zines are the heartbeat of publishing. I know there’s more photos of us with the folks who came through!
Ryan Yokota – The World is Yours! He’s in Chicago now. It’s been ages since I’ve seen him.
I was kidding around saying Tad is the Asian Tupac. I dunno why that keeps popping into my head. Tad played varsity safety for Culver City high school and was the team captain!
We’re now at Mirai after the talk. It’s one of the better spots in Chicago for Sushi.
It’s Alice’s birthday! She’s a supporter and friend of the film festival.