gr/eats Sign – handmade – drive by and see it!

See this sign? It looks like something you could buy. But in the end, this was made by my dad. Imagine, he’s a semi retired contractor, but he can make just about anything. I know I’ve written about him before, but he strikes again. The cool thing about doing GR projects is asking him to make something. Check out the rest of these photos. Some of the little details are quite funny.

See the wheel? When I saw the sign, I wondered why is there a wheel there?! I didn’t ask for a skateboard.
I got the vinyl letters and put them on using a few credit cards to press them on. I was trying to get them on just right. Even the text was a collaboration by myself and Martin. It sort of tells it all. Where burgers, tacos, and udon meet. Healthy and fresh foods.

That’s me lining up the vinyl lettering. Measure twice, cut once. Oh and see that leather handle? It’s a piece of one of my dad’s old belts! He cut up a belt to make a handle! wtf?! The bungee cord is so we can secure it on around a pole!
That’s what the wheels are all about! You can fold this and roll it, so even the weakest weakling can move this around.