Last day Japan

I didn’t quite finish telling my trip story. The last day, it’s a day when my plane is taking off. Luckily it’s at 6:30pm, but the train takes off at 3:30pm. So what do you do? I tweeted it, and I got some condolences. Yeah it’s a tough thing to figure out. You don’t want to waste a day, but at the same time, it’s not quite enough time to do a lot of things. Some of you said, have a good meal, or get stuff for the plane ride. Here’s what I did. The shrine you see above. I went there. But that was quick and a diversion.

I met with the king of turtles. Dr Koieyama. This man knows how to operate on turtles! I asked if he went to school for it and he said no, he learned it on his own and is the only doctor of his kind in Japan. That’s amazing! See the turtle in the tank? So rad. If you bring a turtle in, he puts on that metal tray and gets busy.
We’re at a little sweets shop next to the shrine. That’s Kohei again. Yes, he and my friend Nao, ditched their work to hang out with me for just a bit. This shop is quite old and cool. I liked how Nao said, “I’m going to use it.” Meaning he’s going to use the spot to take a companion friend as a cool gesture and to look cool.
That’s Nao eating some mochi balls in red bean.
This is amazake. It’s non alcoholic and it’s a sweet rice drink that’s fermented, and sweet but without the use of sugar! Amazing. The bad thing about the last day is getting into a rush. So doing all these cool things, and then going to a camera shop made the time fly by. We weren’t in the right area where my train was taking off to the airport. We had to get on a train, then transfer and then I had to retrieve my luggage from the locker! We were scared. Luckily the Rapid Express came and it stopped only once. We were timing that fact that I literally needed to run to the locker then run to the platform, and I might make it within literally a minute. Trains aren’t late in Japan unless there’s a suicide on the tracks.
The quick ending. The train pulls up, Nao flies out with the key to the locker and Kohei meanwhile figures out where the platform is at. I’m trailing behind running. By the time I catch up, Nao is already being a Samsonite monkey and is ripping by barely fitting bags out of the locker. Lightning fast and a funny sight! Kohei is helping and then we all run to the platform. We get there with three minutes to spare. I get on my train and my trip comes to a close. Not so exciting, but it was stressful at the time. Lesson? Don’t pack too much fun on that last day.