Muji x Lego Yurakucho

Muji Lego collaboration. The rumors are true. But at over $30+ for the larger set. Is it worth it? There’s a few types, but in the end, I’ll put the coolest Lego Muji thing in the magazine GR64. Yes, it’s near done, and yes, we will get to press. The Muji in Yurakucho area is gigantic. Two floors, and it has everything. I’ve heard about this shop in the past and it’s huge. You can even eat real meals there along with tons of fresh baked goods. You can almost live at this Muji. There’s Ikea, which is quite different, and there are other great shops that are one step in this direction already in the US. So can a Muji make it in the US on this type of scale? I’d think so. Maybe not right now, but it can work.

Meal Muji! Behind the glass is the eating area.
Yoshi Kawasaki / ex-2k. There he is. The man the myth at the Tokyo Gift Fair. I was happy to see him. I also ran into a few others I knew there. It wasn’t like old times though, so you won’t be reading that from me.