Some great comments about the donations…

I’ve been a huge fan of the magazine since I picked up the June 2006 issue, but I have to wonder if the choice to open up storefronts as an extension of the GR brand was a wise move, since those were/are resources that could have been put to better use towards the magazine itself and seriously ramping up your web presence to attract more readers outside of Asian culture enthusiasts.

-Yes, the storefronts kept the print going. It was definitely the right thing to do. If there were Oscars for publishers who’ve done more than just print a mag, I deserve a few gold mofos sitting on my mantle. And look at what it’s done for popular culture and boutique culture around the world.

” I don’t normally go for this kind of thing. I feel like if you can’t run your business with an actual business model, I shouldn’t be responsible for propping you up…but in this case, it’s actually a really cool magazine and I’d like to support it. “

-Thanks but you’re not responsible for it. We are. Thanks for the support.

I don’t mean to brag about our growth, but honestly shouldn’t a business move to a model that works?

-And tell me, what business model works today? Oh the internet?

Any magazine that uses Impact as a title face needs more help than just cash.

-We’ve had Impact as the title font before it came with Apple computers. Seriously.

Yikes this sucks! I wonder if the Hyphen crew ever worked with them. Wonder why these two magazines didn’t merge as one. Seems like same style and audience. I’m not sure if I’ve been to the SF store but I’ve been to the LA one and it’s super neat. Would hate to see it go out of business.

-The stores are one thing, the mag is another. How do we merge with another magazine? And no, our audiences are different!

You are a company and magazine that I hope to one day aspire to and this announcement broke my heart.
I will only donate my two cents.
The quality of your work and the image of your company was not reflected in your video. Boo! In this economy and in a country that felt cheated by a bank bailout, I think companies asking for handouts is really anti-America. You are in the creativity industry. The best you could do was sit in chairs and demand money? That was your best pitch? If you fail, you fail because you weren’t trying hard enough, not because you didn’t receive enough HELP. That’s capitalism. If the entire print industry is failing, then do SOMETHING DIFFERENT. You do have a loyal fan base so dare to be creative.

-I’ve replied to this one in the comments from the donation post. I suppose we could have been more creative and stood up and forced you to send us money as an even better pitch. USA USA!