Giant Robot Needs You –

Some of you astute followers of Giant Robot may have seen this already. What is it and why is it important? Imagine, the same problems that are affecting so many magazines are now affecting us. We held out for the longest time, but we are in a situation that’s making print publishing incredibly difficult. If you see the video I cut up, it’ll tell the story in under three minutes.

The difference between us and some of the other magazines? We’re working hard and trying to find new advertisers, even if it’s friends, family friends, or old acquaintances – we can do this. We have our core of loyal advertisers, great readers, and a bunch of fine shops who sell us, but we’re still coming up short. We’re not asking for help to make just one issue, we’re actually asking for a whole year and then some. Your help goes a long way.
Our printer has stepped up to offer us some help for the next year, and we’ve been able to reach out for support from a few new advertisers. But for the balance, we will need your help. Take a look, tell us what you think, or help us out.

Here’s the link to