The Stage: Short Documentary

So here’s a little short documentary, Kim Chan, put together for me about the creation of “The Stage”, the design project that Edward Huang and I put together for the HK/Shenzhen Biennale. If you don’t know what I’m talking about please refer to my previous blogs on As you can probably tell I’m pretty proud of this project. It’s interesting to me personally because what was once meant to be my career has now come back to me as a hobby. One of the main reasons why I didn’t want to do architecture as a career was because I had worked in many offices but still could not find the creative freedom and energy that I had in school and I found that quite depressing. I wanted to affect the world with my creative energy, not sit in front of a computer all day drafting up other people’s half-assed designs or dealing with office politics. Luckily the Hong Kong film business found me and I was able to find a whole new environment that allowed me total freedom to be creative. The two fields may seem totally different but they are more alike than you can imagine. They are both arts and art is about the ability to speak to an audience using your own creative skills via a medium. One is through buildings and one is through film. Both require the public and an audience in order to be successful and when people are touched by your work, that sense of satisfaction is beyond words.

The Stage: Short Doc from Daniel Wu on Vimeo.

If you haven’t been over there yet and you live in Hong Kong, you have until Feb 26th and then it all comes down and will nothing more than an awesome memory in my mind. If not enjoy the video. Thanks again Kim for all your hard work on this video!
To learn more about the Biennale click here.