Xmas in Shibuya

That’s Goodsmile Junko and Aki. We’re at an all pork place. It even has a huge Buta lantern, which means, pig! It’s pork everything including a hotpot that you cook and season with umeboshi, their special. It’s a simple broth and you eat a little at at time. On this day the free dish they give you was spare ribs! Notice Aki is smoking at dinner. You can still do this.

This isn’t pork, it’s egg and yuba on top. This is really good with a tiny spot of soy sauce.

So my diet is not happening. I mentioned ramen at the dinner above, and Aki starts of obsess. The dinner above gets truncated quickly because he wants ramen, something he doesn’t get to eat often. So we go get ramen in Shibuya after looking up a place that has high ratings on a ramen website. The broth is thick as ever, and he loves this. It’s a tonkotsu and vegetable brother. Tenkaippin is busy at midnight! We ordered the green onion ramen.