Fortune Cookie Prize – Killing of a Chinese Cookie

See this dessert? I liked this one a lot. Tasty, creamy with that fruity middle. I’m guessing the cookie was part of the top and bottom. I was a Judge in this contest where students from culinary schools created desserts using fortune cookies. Why was it happening? It was part of a screening and DVD release event for the film Killing of a Chinese Cookie where I have a tiny appearance. Here’s the site.

Also here’s the trailer. I’m in this for just an instant.

For my meager efforts, I got beer, fortune cookies, a weird small book, and these three items. Which wins?

This woman made a pudding like dessert with fortune cookies sprinkled on top. I can’t say it was the best, but it was good.

This woman was a fill in. She has nice thumbs. I can’t tell if it’s a gang sign or something. This one was apples with fortune cookies at the bottom. The apples were good, but this one was least creative.

Bread pudding… Oh yeah, this one was good. Heavy, rich, but good. A couple of pics below, you can see the rush for them. They were popular.

That’s the pudding version. Looks nice too.