Let’s Animate!

Step 1, get a camera, know what you’re doing. Make sure it doesn’t move. Step 2, make you set, and set the boundaries of what the camera can see. Step 3. Do not do this on the floor like we did. On a table is way better. Step 4. get your animated pieces ready. Don’t make too many little parts or else it’s hard to animate them. Keep it relatively simple. Figure out a way that they can stick just a little and not too much. Make sure it doesn’t leave a residue or else you’ll be photoshopping a lot. Bolt / tape down the stuff that isn’t going to move. It’ll accidentally move if you don’t. Note: don’t animate where gusts of wind or passersby can mess your set up.

Find an able bodied partner who won’t slow you down.

Move pieces ever so slightly. If you forget some, oh well.

On a table, or else you’ll be looking like this, and this isn’t good for your back

This looks neat, but it doesn’t work. The strange drawing by the pencil. That’s a sketch of what you see when you look down another person’s shirt collar. (not while you do your animation).