Post It Notes

Post It 4. It’s one of the most fun shows we do. Imagine seeing 1586 Post Its on the wall, and being able to choose one, two, or even ten. Some are a financial steal and some are a steal just because they’re ones you really like. Who gets what, is almost a psychological battle. The thing that’s great is that tons of people came, waited, and although some complained, most of the people were patient. If you were patient, you would have scored big, there are amazing pieces in this show for $20 each. I can’t think of a better deal anywhere. (the photo above isn’t even the crowded time)

This is what it looked like all night. We stayed after the bell. I think it was 10:30 and we were still selling Post Its. I’ve heard, “you should have more than one person selling them.” Imagine at opening. Person number 1 in line gets his or her choices. Then Person number 2 has his or her choices at the same time since, if more than one person is selling them. Who gets what first? How many fights will there be? What actually slows things down are the breach of rules, indecisiveness, and so forth. It’s a tough job no matter what you think of how we do it.

James Jean and Gary Baseman. JJ wasn’t in the show, Baseman was and even his Post Its lasted until at least 9pm. He flew in from Miami and came straight over.

Seth Drenner and Mark Todd share a moment of cheer right as the show opened.

The man the myth. Yes, I forgot his name, but he drove from far, just to get some Post Its as a surprise birthday gift from his brother in law. First time, and hopefully a long time (customer). That grin makes me think that he’s going to keep them for himself.