Biennale photos.

That’s Martin and I standing in front of the wall of magazines. 62 issues doesn’t quite look like 62 when they’re hung this way. Actually it’s short one, you can figure it out. But by the time you see it in person again, it’ll be right. Yet, it’s a powerful wall and I’m glad it’s there at JANM. It makes me laugh how many people trip out of the suits. This being a museum opening, and I suppose people expect us to dress in street clothes, so the idea is the flip it and go clean.

That’s me, ex-Secretary of Transportation and the namesake of the San Jose Airport, Norman Mineta, David Choe, and Albert Reyes. I gave a short tour for Norman Mineta who’s a big part of the museum and does support GR. It was great to have him here. I wonder where is Secret Service agents were at? That means they were doing a great job.

Gary and Goh stalk the grounds.
It was big smiles for both of them.

That’s Deth P. Sun. It was great that he made it down. Late of course, but that’s Deth, he can be an enigma. He even waited in line to get to see his work.

That was a gift from Mari Inukai.

GR Staffers. Keyla, Luana, myself, Serina, Sasha, and Seth. Quite a crew. Aaron Brown and Dario B were there as well.

That’s me and Marc Gerald.

Chris Bettig and kozy from kozyndan. She was dressed nice.

Jim Lee. Have any ideas on what was the Brand New? Heavies?

Whoa… Horvath, a chika (I swear she’s for real), Sam, and Le Merde.

James and Wen.
Big smiles.

Rob 62 Sato wearing his map bag.

The band.

David Choe’s mom and Dave. Proud parents and supportive too.

The artists who were in the foto.

That’s us on stage.

Michelle Borok

Rama Hughes Christine Castro

Cate and Clement.

Amy Hill.

James and Dan (kozyndan)

Joe Hahn in back and Anthony Batt (


Stella Lai runs to the red