Tad Nakamura. Ran into him at a Quiznos. For some reason, this dude reminds me of so many people wrapped up in one. But for now, he’s in SD with his film, A Song for Ourselves. It’s also showing soon in Hawaii. (HIFF). See I also nominated him as an influential Asian American under 30.

Bananaman… Remember the dude named Nguyen from Starry Kitchen a few posts back? Here he is promoting White on Rice to no end, which will also be in Hawaii. (HIFF).

That’s David Boyle, the director of White on Rice. I think he takes a few lumps, but people like his film.

Leonardo Nam. His name backwards? Leonardo Nam? Man, O’ Drano El! It sounds like a sentence. Maybe it is.

Bahia restaurant in SD. I tried this. The cheese was intense, but I was feeling like Nacho Libre. I had to try it. I still like my corn plain, but this worked.

Mark and Cyndi again. They ordered too much food and almost finished it.

This Homie is strange. A snife and a side of beef that looks like a wig. I’m amazed at how long all this has lasted.