Chinese Jamaicans

Have you eve noticed that no matter where you travel in the world there are Chinese? This subject has always interested me and I always try to find out about their history. This woman here with the crazy Jamaican accent is a perfect example. Her accent is so rad! She has obviously been in Jamaica for a long long time, most likely born there as the way she laughs as well as attitude are imbibed with Jamaican culture. As I recall the earliest Chinese settled in Jamaica because it was along trade routes from the east and the Chinese are a prominent part of Jamaican culture. In fact many of the most influential producers of reggae (one of my favorite types of music) back in the 70′s and 80′s were Chinese Jamaicans. Before I moved back to Hong Kong, I used to think Chinese women with British accents were sexy, now after living here for so long I’ve kind of gotten used to it but a Chinese woman with a Jamaican accent? Now that’s sexy! I love everything about Jamaica and it’s culture but I still haven’t been. Now I gotta go soon!