Giant Robot sponsors ITVS PBS Independent Lens kickoff

Cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond talks to an audience at the top of the Thompson Hotel
ITVS PBS Independent Lens kickoff event. A lot of you probably don’t know the man, but if you look him up, he’s a huge cinematographer with a list as long as my arm. Here’s his imdb link. We sponsored the opening party and it was quite an honor. Imagine. 27 films, every week on tuesday at 10pm. You can actually watch them for free. Many of these have been making the film festival circuit, so the adage of not being able to see films again after a film festival isn’t quite true.

Here’s the itvs site which has schedules and previews. I swear, I was going to try and find ways to get screeners of some of these films. Herb and Dorothy, the unassuming art collector couple is showing October 13th. I heard it was good. Here’s the link to a preview. Or if you want, just click on the image below to see the embedded trailer: