Linkin Park Epicenter

Going to see Linkin Park isn’t a regular occasion is you’re hanging out with Mr Joe Hahn. He rents tour buses to take people to such concerts. The front part looks like below and imagine, a day before we got on this bus, Ice Cube took a dump in it because he was on vacation with his family in this exact ride. Equipt with food, fridge, shitter, cable, wifi, and a driver, the ride to Pomona’s Epicenter Concert was luxurious.


Alice in Chains with their new lead singer. He sounds just like Layne Staley, who died a few years ago.

This is Joe Hahn opening things up for Linkin Park doing a little DJ routine. I like how the end result in people clapping and then runs into the hand claps for their first song.

The sound cuts off so you can hear how off key the crowd is.

Joe getting ready for the show. Band dudes get into the mode of playing gigs, and if you’re a friend, you have to let them do that. It’s their job. This is the van that takes the band from the parking lot to the concert. Everyone else has to walk. Inside the van, body guards, family and friends.

Stepping on the floor of the show, there’s a lot of this going on. Too much everything. Pain, tired, high, drunk, bad trips.

Actress and GR writer, Ayako Fujitani says holy crap. Literally, you can smell horse dung. There were 10s of thousands at the fairgrounds. Linkin Park plays to a closed set, so if you’re a close friend or family or anything, you’re on your own. Everyone from the bus couldn’t find each other at concert time.

That’s Mike Shinoda and the back of Bobby Kim. Notice the bomb?

That’s Alice in Chains.

Like Mike.

Tons of folks made it to see the bands. I even ran into Lisa Ling, her husband Paul, and Laura Ling and her husband as well. They looked happy to be out. What did I say to Laura? “welcome back.”

That’s what you see of Joe who hides behind his gear.