Softball season ends but begins again.

GR plays to a 14-1 record losing in the division finals… After a season going 12-0, GR made it to the finals once again. We’ve been there before and lost, and it happened again. To win these games, you can’t make mistakes and you have to hit the ball. We didn’t do enough of either and the game slipped away. 9-4. Obviously the other team didn’t make many errors. Their weak infielder (2nd base), did everything he needed to do… So that said, our next season actually starts soon and it happens all over again. It’s sort of like an issue of the magazine. It ends then it starts. We’re now at 61 ends for the magazine. Softball… might be 16+ seasons. 2 a year and we started in 2001. That number sounds impossible, but I think it’s true. No wonder I can’t remember each season and each team anymore. The same happens with the magazine too.

I forgot to mention I was co-mvp this year with my cousin Jason. That’s the prize. A bat filled with sunflower seeds that has the word DICK prominently in it.