The Yard Sale Aug 16, 2009

I wouldn’t dare have a yard sale at my house. Why would I want to show people 1) where I live 2) the stuff that I lived with. Is there any good that can come out of that? On the other hand, I like looking at what other people have… that’s a lot of fun. Self help books? Bad records… it doesn’t bode well.

So I’m working on getting stuff ready for the GR yard sale Sunday at GR2 – Junk in the Trunk. Years of hoarding and so on… Stuff that we like, but just don’t have space for. What’s it worth? We’re not sure. But we’ll find out on Sunday. It’s a tough one trying to decide what’s totally unusable or something you won’t ever look at again. Some things were given to you by friends, and although you want to keep them to not insult them… Is it better to just throw it out and save face, or turn it over to someone else who’ll get a kick out of it. I hope it’s the latter, and if your item you handed to me is in the piles. I apologize now. It either got reviewed, or didn’t make it in print. I’m not quite sure, but I wish you luck in making your next item.