Tooth Fairy is coming tonight!!

No those are not some new kind of drug. Those are my bulldog, Buddy’s, teeth. We took on an 8 year old dog from the Hong Kong Dog Rescue a few months ago and she (Renee) and my old dog(Buddy) are still trying to figure who’s the boss of the house. This results in periodic fighting. Yesterday while I was eating breakfast they went at it again and after I stepped in and pulled them apart, I noticed some white things on the ground. When I got a closer look, I realized it was a shattered tooth. Renee knocked out Buddy’s bottom front tooth!
I have some friends who have had their teeth knocked out for various reasons and I have even had a tooth chipped but i’ve never heard of a dog getting it’s teeth knocked out. The tooth was small to begin with but the vet said she would have to have it removed. Upon closer inspection we noticed the others were loose so he took out a total of three of her bottom front teeth. In the pic above what you’re seeing is mostly root, the little white tip on top is the actual tooth.
I don’t think she cares at all since she didn’t really use them but she looks kind of funny without them. Although you can only see it when she opens her mouth it’s hard to not feel sorry for her. I’m gonna have to teach her a couple of better defensive moves.