Monterey Bay Aquarium

The Monterey Bay Aquarium. I’ve been there a bunch of times now and the place never ceases to amaze. It has to be the best in the world, right? I enjoy all of it. I’m pretty sure my favorite place within is the jellyfish. You don’t get to see them often and the lighting helps a lot. I also enjoy the huge tank that has the Bluefin tunas which weight something like 400 pounds. When you see them swim fast, you know they could easily impale a human. Where was the mola mola? The sun fish might be my favorite fish of all. Maybe it’s better that they stay in the wild.

This is great, it’s like watching a movie. You can sit back and take it all in. I like schools of fish.

The stare down.

Dragonfish. I think that’s what it’s called. It’s a seahorse in the end.

The crab master

I’m tucking this at the end:
Here’s one idea. They sell memberships, and if you’re rich, sure, why not? But if you’re not, why don’t they make the memberships sort of like a subscription. You pay up front and you can go in let’s say three times which would cover the price of the membership (let’s say it’s $90 – an entry fee is $30) So basically you pay up front. Otherwise, you buy a membership, and if you don’t go back, then that’s cool, but these days, it would be nice to know that you can pay up front and just use it when you go back, whether it’s in two or three years or even more. I’m guessing a huge percentage won’t go back anytime soon, some will forget, some will even lose their membership card, so the aquarium is getting fronted money to operate with, and I’m sure people in the middle would totally do this.