Police? Fire? Anyone?

After thinking about it more, and realizing if it’s arson, shouldn’t I file a police report? I got to the station where there’s one guy talking to an officer. That seems normal. Then there’s two officers joking around a computer laughing. It appeared that they were looking at photographs. Computers are the new donuts evidently. I wait ten minutes, and finally one leaves, then the other says, “may I help you?” I tell him the situation and he then tells me to get a fire report instead and sends me out. I tell him, it seems like arson, perhaps there’s bad guys to catch. Instead the fire department takes 5-10 working days to complete a report. Right now, they looked up my incident and the firefighters have my address wrong. Wrong street name, wrong address… Night of the fire, I even handed the “senior” a paper with my digits and address. I guess things just take time.