UCLA commencement speakers

Since I’m a UCLA alumnist, I like hearing this stuff: James Franco bails out as the speaker at UCLA’s graduation probably because of pressure from the students who say he hasn’t done anything. In his place is Brad Delson, guitarist from Linkin Park. I’m not sure if not doing enough as a student matters anymore… isn’t it all about what you do outside of school that matters? Either way, Franco would have been pretty funny, and I bet would have done a fine job. In 1993, my speaker was… Elisabeth Glaser, the co founder of Pediatric AIDS Foundation, and Starksy’s (1970s Starsky and Hutch) wife. She passed away a year later. I can’t remember a thing about what she said, but I do remember being disappointed that she was the speaker. I knew nothing about her, her organization, and didn’t really get it at the time. I’m sure whatever she said was more important than what either of the speaker candidates this year can give, but it was still unmemorable. That’s a pretty sad state of our lives (or at least just mine).

link to LA Times.