Jane’s B-day party.

I forgot to get this one up. It’s one of the pieced together photos, so I can show you my Photoshop skills… this was Jane’s party at Mr Hahn’s crib. Who’s Jane? Wouldn’t you like to know? 5) Bottom left, you might see her in there. 5) Hahn’s books. Yes, he doesn’t want people looking at his stuff, but oh well. I’m not the first, but that’s a lot of books. 4) I’m sitting on his sofa, tired. Nearly the last one to leave. 3) Boba station. Dude had a boba station at his house. At the end of the night, it appeared that maybe the cup I drank was the only time it was touched. But having this is pretty deep. 2) Who uses their Nara ashtray? 1) Hahn flippin’ burgers and rollin’ weenies. Parties at houses are a tough one. One the one hand, if you have a nice big place, it can work, but on the other, you need to know everyone really well or else it’s sort of a stress fest. Who knows who has a sketchy friend.