Giant Robot Biennale Step 1

That’s Clement Hanami from JANM and Souther Salazar who’s in the Giant Robot Biennale this year. We were there to case out the space and see how much to carve out for this man. But the Kogi truck happened to be there and Clement hooked us up. The guy behind Souther is wearing some North Carolina Tar Heels Jump Man shorts. I wonder if he can play.

We made Toyo Miyatake jokes for a sec. He had to sneak a lens into the camp so he could take a picture of a tree. That’s what Souther said in his deadpan humor. Meanwhile, I wondered in what orifice did the lens fit into? Ok all bad jokes aside, the man is a master. Check out his recent documentary. Toyo’s Camera

I saw this for the first time.