Kid Koala and Kid Deer

Kid Koala does a victory lap during one of his songs. That’s him with his hands almost covering him. I’ve never seen a DJ have so much fun while he’s supposed to be playing a show. He’s on stage completely into what he’s doing, and always with a smile, that makes other people happier. His set was swift and deft. It being on a monday night and pretty late, he didn’t have the huge crowd, but at the same time, it was a loyal one. He mixed up his music from hip hop classics, to classic rock, to the new classics, whatever that might be.

This is a section where Kid Koala played the most commercial sounds of the night, so I taped it.

His screen was tiny, but you can see his fingers, if you so care. Bigger screen please!

On the way home, coming down the hills of Brentwood, I finally saw a deer. It was 4am and that’s when they come out. The deer didn’t run at all, but just stood it’s ground and kept picking at the ground.