Asian Americans Represent!

I’m back home in SF right now and my Mom of all people showed me this last night so I had to put it up. I blogged about this topic before a while back but it’s good to hear the young kids out there voicing their opinion. I don’t know KevJumba but he’s speaking the truth, saying things I’ve been thinking since I was a kid. It’s not that there are not any cool Asian guys out there, it’s that mainstream America won’t let us be anything more than than the “Long Duk Dong”, asexual nerdboys or chopsocky kung fu guys or broken ass English triad guys.  I mean now you have guys like Masi Oka, Daniel Dae Kim and John Cho, but they are only given variations of that same old sterotype. Many people have asked me why haven’t I made the transition back home, well to tell you the truth it’s not up to me. It’s up to America and the people in power in Hollywood to take the initiative to put someone like me or any one of the many other talented and cool Asian American Male actors out there in good roles. Just look at the talent on this site alone! Sung Kang, Jason Tobin, Dustin Nguyen, Roger Fan, Andrew Lin. Terence Yin, Andy On, Johnny Lu, Vanness Wu the list goes on and on. We all speak perfect English and were either born and/or raised in America and we have all paid our dues. Like the prelude to the Beijing Olympics motto: “We Are Ready!”. Just open the doors, because we are ready to represent.
To all the KevJumba’s out there, keep it up and make the message loud and clear because it’s people like you that will help make that change. Peace!