That’s Matt from Kansas City. He won the contest. He came, he saw, he drank, and ate. The cool thing about Matt is that he actually fit in like an artist. He knew of most of the artist’s work, and joined right in almost as a peer rather than a fan dude. I saw him being interviewed during the opening.

More of Mu Pan’s Indians. This was the first time Mu’s ever shown these pieces which he makes while watching TV.

That’s myself and Brian. I said hi to more people while waiting for the toilet than anywhere else.
He wears Shaq like attire. It has an air of SAT test taking circa 1930.

The Wong Family Association. Childrens everywhere.

Scion recorded a record size crowd of 1155 people. If you came, thanks much. It was the first time a line up happened and we beat the previous attendance record by a bunch.

That’s Myself and Martin. It was a fun night.

That’s myself and Brian Dettmer who disappeared into the night earlier than everyone else.

That’s Margaux in front who helped curate this mother… See Richard Sweeney’s piece in the background? It’s the next dimension.

Beau Sia is so deep. Catch him at his gig April 18, the same night as PCP at GR2.

Mr and Mrs Dettmer with some Richard Sweeney’s pieces in the background.

Joseph Hahn shows the fingers he uses on his Geminis.

Okay, Ayako

Tables were put out so people could make Matt’s winning design of Shin’s robot! If you would have entered, you could have won. Shin picked the winner.

Lots of glue sticks and scissors, and some fool spilled beer!

People sat all night making things. It’s the next level for shows-to make them interactive on different levels.

That’s Matt and Richard talking to a youngster.

That’s a new Prius. 50mpg and solar panels…

Mrs and Mr Hudlin. Director and comicbooker.

Ryohei Tanaka is in the middle, wearing the Scion hoody and making paper cut outs. He held a huge group all night.


Richard Sweeney’s piece. People interacted with his piece all night.

DJ Puffs who killed it. Her blend of music was smart and fit the genre.

Ana Serrano

Reggie Hudlin meets Puffs.

Shin gets Matt to sign his Papershapers booklet. Meanwhile Mr Hahn flips the bird.

Richard couldn’t get enough and folded a dollar and signed it for me.

Mr Shin Tanaka… the night ends something like Oceans 11. As each person leaves the after show dinner, they say goodbye, leaving one at a time to go back and pack. As Shin leaves, the room erupts in applause. He waves and leaves out of the side door.