Inside Donutman’s shop

Jim Nakano is the Donutman. I drove up at 8:30am on a saturday, and he sees me and I get a heroes welcome. “Come on in back,” he says waving his arm, leading me to the right side of the building where I enter. Jim in back and all smiles like an uncle who you haven’t seen in a year. He’s busy since they’re actually closing early since it’s a day before Easter. A few people are lined up to buy his special brand of donuts, perhaps as a special holiday treat. I telephone ordered a fat 20 strawberry donuts, and they’re just about complete when I get there. It gives us a chance to talk a bit, and he’s a food guy, and drives all over to eat a meal. An older couple say hello from the outside front window, while I stand and talk. He waves them in, around the side and through the door, which signals that it’s my turn to leave. It’s a short visit, but I’m happy to say, I achieved the “pass” to be part of the inner circle (no donut pun intended).


That’s artist Ana Serrano. As you can see, strawberry donuts made it to the Scion space early in the day. The artists and friends from all over enjoyed the sweet treat.