I eat bugs!

Promoting Shinjuku Incident was a crazy whirlwind of work that was not fun but had to be done, I barely had enough time to eat and sleep much less blog. Now that that’s all over, I’ve got a bca log of stuff that will slowly make it’s way onto this blog. Here’s one of them in no particular order:Yes, those are bugs and yes I tried everyone of them. I was in Yunnan, China filming a tv commercial and they had these in a restaurant so we decided to have a try. The thing on the far left is a dried shrimp but the big ones are deep fried Dragon Flies and the little white ones are some kind of caterpillar. The dragon flies were pretty good and actually tasted better than the dried shrimp. Crispy and crunchy. That caterpillar was edible but I wouldn’t try it again. When I bit into it oily guts squished out. Did not like that.
I actually tried them first then got everyone else to try.
I’ve actually had bigger and grosser looking insects in Thailand. Grasshoppers and scorpions both taste kind of like soft shell crab. What weirdness have you consumed?