Papershapers – Saturday April 11 Giant Robot x Scion Space Art Show

This is Shin Tanaka. He’s a pretty quiet guy, but has a vision for his figures. He’s sort of like the Michael Lau of paper figures, and now his work is front and center and really the inspiration for this entire art exhibition. It’s all about works made with and on Paper hence the name Papershapers.

That’s Polly Verity’s hands. It’s insane that she can sit there and fold this. She’s from Edinburgh.

That’s the work by the camera shy Hunter Stabler. He was probably on a walkabout.

Richard Sweeney. You might know his work from Flickr. He’s quite good at getting his work out by using that site.

Ryohei Tanaka. Yes, he’s in the show, and right now is giving off a lot of fun energy.

Ana Serrano’s piece is a city. I wish I could live here.

That’s my hood.

Lucky and Polly. Aw…. see you saturday. Yes, anyone is invited.