Slumdoglords Giant Robot SF

Chelsea Wong of Giant Robot SF is busted eating pizza on the job. She actually deserves the slice, since she helped the dog below which was left in a car on a hot day. The windows were cracked, but that dog was dehydrated sitting in there for an hour and a half or more. Chelsea dumped a half bottle of water in there, and the big dog never stopped drinking. She’s smiling since she knows she’s spilling a bunch in the car too. The Slumdoglords should get their dog ownership revoked.

This is amazing looking. It’s from Rosamunde Sausage grill. This was the special lamb chili dog and was gamey and great. It’s in the lower haight and this was delicious.

I saw this also in the lower haight. It’s stencils of koi. I don’t know what’s more serene that koi swimming on pavement. It’s one of the favorite examples of streetart that I’ve seen.