Me x White House x Barack Obama

That’s a large pic of President Obama’s face. I was next to say, “what’s up?” It’s amazing to see how a President’s administration is reaching out just a little bit further to people in different kinds of fields. Would any previous administration do this? I don’t think so. Most of the businesses / business people there are hard to figure out. Is what they do any of it of interest to me? I do love the fact that there was a restaurant owner of a pizzeria chain. There were also reps from small banks, and people in many fields that I’ve never heard of. Yet, Pat from RVCA and I were invited. I think we are examples of what many or most would call an edgy business, but it’s still a business employing just as many employees as many of the other guests.
Here’s a link to the words spoken.

Me and Abe. We were there to represent the kids.
Of all small businesses in the US, yes, “we” count even if it’s just to be part of a small crowd, and I think this is just the start.

Pat and I. We turned around and click / flash.

Up close, he’s a cool guy.

Hallway photos. I guess it’s good to have family pics up.

Pretty nice view of the obelisk

This is where we sit. This is the movie theater of the White House. I guess me being of Japanese heritage, I bust out the peace sign. Pat with some tied to Hawaii goes native son with the Shaka and shell toes. Thanks much to Yosi. More coming in the magazine.