SFIAAFF Day 2 Friday night

You wouldn’t have believed it. A concert in a hotel room. Goh Nakamura and friends played music to over 20 something folks in a room. I can’t believe it didn’t cause problems. They played till 3am. There’s a lot to say about a room concert like this and honestly, I could never give it it’s due here.

That’s Goh

I didn’t catch their names but they sounded great. The latter part is Goh doing Wouldn’t it be Nice by the Beach Boys. When I get the names of the folks in these pics… I’ll update it. (Sadie and Han from The Invisible Cities)

She was great too, and in a room so tiny, I should have caught her name, but songs were going back to back. But she was a runner up at Kollaborration. She sounded great. (Jane Lui)

Anderson Le from HIFF gets in on it and sings Rush’s Tom Sawyer, using his Blackberry to get the lyrics.

This is what the room looked like. I got there at 1am, and stayed until 3am.