Interview prepping for Kiyoshi Kurosawa at Apple Store in SF

I’m in SF to do an interview with director Kiyoshi Kurosawa. I’ve seen my share of Q and A’s and done my share too. I’m still not sure what I’ll ask him. What criteria do I use to drum up questions? Here’s a few for a live audience:

1) Who’s the audience? Are they fans or just shoppers who happen to be there.
2) How fanboy does one get? I read other interviews and they ask some of the most pointed questions ever. Tuck in the fanboy.
3) Is it a Q and A about his most recent project?

I’m only giving you these three things, but in the end, there are plenty of major other things to think about when doing an interview – which most people don’t think about because they think doing an interview is easy. I’m realizing more and more, which interviews are important and which ones aren’t. You should be able to read it years later and have it still make sense and still have long lasting qualities. It’s just like art, many artists make tons of tiny pieces which are cool, but the big ones are often the “important” ones. I try and go big each time.