Kiyoshi Kurosawa x Me at the Apple Store SF

Wednesday at the Apple Store in SF, I’m interviewing Kiyoshi Kurosawa live. I’ve never been to that shop, and I don’t know how things are laid out there, but I’m sure it’ll be nice. The cool thing is that I was actually requested to do this, which is an honor. Hopefully, I’ll put on my game face and ask him some questions that’ll get people to know a little more about him. I have no idea for how long, and if the audience will even know a thing about him ahead of time, so I’ll play it how it comes. I’ll be up in the bay area from Wed-Sunday. The Dwelling shows on Sunday, but I’m not sure if I’m sticking around for that. Most likely, I’ll come back to LA on Sunday. I wish they programmed that before Sunday, but I’m just glad it made it in. Here’s a link to

This is the Tokyo Sonata trailer which is also playing the SFIAAFF