Casio G Shock LAX – Life is Tough – David Perez Shadi

Casio LAX. Fred Segal’s shops are high end. Walking in, I see Lindsay Price who gave me a big double take. No, I never met you. I was looking for the Casio event at Conveyor store. It’s supposed to be a photo exhibition, but I was there to meet some heads that I indirectly helped out. I actually “designed” the LAX edition of the G Shock above. My friend Seven Under Topa, (also see my column on the site) called me, and while sitting with him and a couple of others at gr/eats, I came up with a idea, and he sat with his laptop and put the colors in. At the end, and well under an hour, we had an idea and concept. The watch came out shockingly nearly as planned. Perhaps it’s exact, it was a long time ago. We were all quite stoked.

LAX (LA) has an eco-vibe as compared to NY or Tokyo (the other two places where special edition watches were made for this project). Snow boarding, oceans, mountains, hiking, it’s all close by. Prius, green homes, and solar are cool here since people are building like crazy. So that’s why the watch actually makes sense. Of course, it could have been black or something really plain, but this stands out hard, and if you take a quick peek, you’ll remember this color scheme.

David Perez Shadi, the photographer who shot the line for G-Shock.

The girl sitting looking at her cell must have been a model or something.

Spicy tuna on crackers. Can any local food heads guess where this came from?

Hirotaka and Akiyuki