Kio of Yellow Rat clothing – Barry McGee t-shirt

I dig this dude, Kio who runs a clothing like called Yellow Rat. He’s supposedly a great surfer, and back in 2007, I wrote about him with some photos on this blog when I visited his casa. Here’s that post. 

He once made a Kio’s Ding Repair shirt using a Barry McGee image. It’s looks like this here. Today, he showed me a new design. Here’s the backstory which makes this funny. Barry does strange ads sometimes. He pays for the ad, and actually advertises something that’s not his own. This advertisement showed up in the Hamburger Ears (their music offshoot of Hamburger Eyes) publication. Kio was shocked to see the ad, and now it’s a shirt complete with Kio’s home address at the bottom. I’m sure Barry had no idea that Kio works out of his home in Mar Vista. I hope people don’t knock on his door. 

That’s his assistant. Yes, I forgot her name.