Geoff McFetridge Patagonia Boxers

I don’t normally post pics of my underwear, but this one is special. Patagonia stores had a sale that just ended, and I picked up some underwear. The design of the pattern is by Geoff McFetridge. The material is silky poly material that look shiny like boxing shorts. Not many will ever see me wearing this.

These are brand new. I wouldn’t show you a pic of worn underwear. These were $12 and came in two colors. Some people want to wear clothes so people can marvel at it. I’m actually good wearing stuff, full knowing that only I will see it, maybe for all of 10 seconds. I sometimes wear my nicest t-shirts under a sweatshirt that never comes off all day. Who knows that I’m wearing something nice under a plain sweatshirt? Just me. I wear clothes mostly for myself. That’s how I do it.