Pregame. This is what it looks like. People sitting, maybe yawning. It’s dude style. Look at the gear, it’s all athletic with cut off sleeves. This was Game One for the LA Parks and Rec tournament. The Giant Robot team had a mediocre season in the c+ league, so entering the tournament could be redemption. We were playing a team called GRF. No relation. We haven’t played together since December, and for most of us, it might be the first look at exercise since then.

Martin the pitcher in his pregame ritual. That’s Bill behind him writing a journal entry. Martin pitched well, we didn’t hit well, we made a lot of errors, which is pretty normal actually.

This is Sean. He’s a big dude with a lot of power. He always tunes everyone out before a game and listens to his music. That tree is under duress. It’s actually a cool looking tree. Sean hit pretty well, did his thing at first base, but in the end, our team lost to GRF who we thought we could beat, but it didn’t happen and just like that, we’re out of the tournament.

Everyone parted ways. Some went to eat, some went home. I did eventually go home, but I went to 99 Ranch and saw the biggest fruit ever. That’s a jackfruit, who I’m sure doesn’t give a shit about softball. Instead, I think the jackfruit is laughing at the pineapples who are usually the bullies of the fruit pile.