The Lackness – Street Fighter Event MOCA

Mr Hahn shows his displeasure with the Street Fighter 4 party at The Geffen MOCA spot. The event was huge. It seemed like as many people inside was doubled up with the people outside in line that never moved. Inside, it didn’t seem so packed, but what can you do when there’s capacities? The best part of the night. 1) Seeing a fairly low budget stage event for a high budget party. I’d have done that part different. 2) A woman we were dubbing as Margaret Cho meeting Divine who was in charge of something freaking out, and repeatedly saying to herself, “I need to make a big decision.” 3) Getting in the building after much hell, and seeing Aaron Yoo not be able to get in to the VIP section because it was too packed. 4) Seeing staff who were stuck outside and couldn’t get in. 5) A strange array of videogame machines, and pseudo events strewn around the inside of the building. There’s plenty of other things I’d have set up differently, but the event is now done.

Chris Klein, Taboo, and oh yeah, that’s Joe on the left. He answered a question that went something like this: “I think Chun Li is the best female StreetFighter character”. What can you say in times like that?

For the kids.

Action figures galore. I’m not sure if these will be mass market, but there’s a lot of figures on display.


That’s the red carpet area. It’s odd how it works. A star has a publicist. The publicist stands there and gets people their interviews. Then it probably gets shelved for soundbites. Where will it really go? But in case of something strange, they roll on it.

Over capacity, this building was governed by fire marshalls. That pissed off plenty. A lot of the stars couldn’t even get in. Yet, as with many buildings, it seems like another 1000 could have fit easily.

Yoshinori Ono – Streetfighter 4 producer