Pulled Noodles Fuzhou 1

In NYC, there’s plenty of pulled noodle places, but unlike LA, which is heath department conscious with the infamous grades that can shut you down. NY doesn’t have this, and I wonder if they even have a health department sometimes. However, if they did, you wouldn’t have experiences like the one at Fuzhou pulled noodles. The guy above does this in the eating area. It’s grand and cool. It even makes a great slam sound. He does it over and over and it turns the place into a cool environment. You get something like performance art.

The #1, beef noodle is 4.50. It’s simple in flavor, maybe too simple to the point that you’d add your own seasoning. It’s not the dish to get. Jya Jya Men is the one to get there. #11. I blew it, but I was in the mood for soup. It’s cold in NY right now.

That’s what the noodles look like. I’m hearing this isn’t the best place to get handmade noodles, but at the same time, it’s not bad. The broth doesn’t match the noodles and that’s important. What’s noodles without the soup? 144 E Broadway. It’s in Chinatown Manhattan. I’m sure an OG Queens native would scoff at this.